Top 6 Cheating Secret Messaging Apps that Look Like Games [2023]

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It seems like you are someone who wants to hide your very personal messages from others. Same with me. So, the only solution stays cheating secret messaging apps that look like games.


But it is true. After long research, I have found 6 amazing apps that will trick others in a big manner. No one can imagine that it is a messaging app.

Their icons are so unique. And for extra security, you can use a strong password. So that if someone opened it by mistake, he would not be able to look at your chats. So, without any further delay, let us dig into it.

1. Calculator Pro+

Calculator pro screenshot of app
Image Credit: Calculator pro

When I first looked at this app, I was also tricked. Its icon is so much unique, I can not even tell you. And its name is calculator pro+. It is just like a calculator.

And the main fact is that it is a real calculator. If someone or your partner opens it, they cannot imagine it is a messaging app. Because after opening it, at first glance, it is a calculator. 

When you will install this app, they will ask you to create a security pin.

When you will open this app again after completing all the formalities, then a calculator will open, you would have to type that security pin on the calculator, and only then your chats will open. And you can also hide the icon of this app if you want.

The other thing is you can also do your mathematical calculations side by side on it. In my opinion, no one will even look at it clearly because it is a real calculator with the same typical icon and name.

It is good or you can say the best thing to trick your partner or someone else. That is why it is in the first position on my list.

2. Wire

Wire app screenshot
Image credit: Wire App

It is also a good option for a messaging app that looks like a game. In its icon, there is a W created by a wire, very simple and unique.

No one can guess that it is a messaging app. You will just need to lock this app so that no one can access your chats even after opening it. 

In this app, you will have a username. You can search people by their usernames. You can chat with anyone on this app. Does not matter if he or she is from your contacts or not.

You can invite someone if you want. That is why it is a good choice with a simple plain black icon. 

3. Kubool

kubool app screenshot
Image Credit: Kubool App

This is an app that looks like a game. This app has a cute multi-colored icon. In this app, first, you will need to register for an account.

After that, you have to share your profile link with the whom you want to chat. In this way, you can chat securely.

Its icon and its name are quite different from a normal messaging app.

But make sure, you are locking this Kubool app with a unique password. 

4. Gem4me

Gem4me app screenshot
Image Credit : Gem4me

Gem4me is again a cheating secret messaging app that looks like a game. In this app, you can send images, videos, voice messages, and much more.

You are allowed to do voice or video calls. It is an ideal app for you. Its icon is also unique just like its name. In its icon, there is a gem of red color that is very cute and looks like a game icon.

There is also an advantage of this Gem4me app that you can edit your messages after sending that. You can also delete the messages after sending them.

In short, it is a gem for you. 

5. Session

session ap screenshot
Image Credit: Session App

Genuinely saying, when I first looked at the session app, I was tricked. It seems like a trading app. It also looks a bit like an editing app.

But no one can say that it is a messaging app. Its icon contains a creative S of the neon font on black background. And its name is also very unique, as you can see, session.

When you will install this app, you will need to create an account. There will be your one unique id and a QR code. If you want to chat with someone. The other person needs to scan your QR code or enter your id. Same with you.

In this app, you can message securely and delete them. You can also do voice calls and video calls which is just amazing. The thing is that you can trick anyone with this app.

Yes, you will need a lock, so that if someone opens it by chance, then he cannot access your chats. It is a good example of a secret chatting app that looks like a game.

6. Dust

dust app screenshot
image Credit: Dust app

The Dust app sounds like a cleaning app. And its icon is also very unique and simple. No one can guess, it is a messaging app. Like other apps, in this one, you will also need to create a profile.

You can invite your friends or search for them by their usernames. You can share photos and videos with your friends or anyone else. 

But like every appliance, it has a con in that you cannot do voice or video calls with anyone. Rest all is okay. You can delete your chats and trick your partner as it looks like a phone cleaning app. 

The bottom line

In this article, I mentioned 6 amazing and interesting apps that will trick anyone easily. All of the above are best but that calculator pro that I mentioned at the top of the article is my personal favorite.

Rest is your choice. I mentioned the main features of all the secret messaging apps that look like a game. Some of them can do voice and video calls while some are not.

Hope you liked this article and found the tricky app of your dreams that will help you in hiding your messages and private chats from your partner or someone else.


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