Top Five Area Codes You Should Never Answer! [2023]

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Today, conventional landline phones are replaced by mobile phones. Thus, out of 5 members in a family, at least three people will be using a phone or carrying them along.

Currently, answering, calling, and receiving calls over the phone have become the fastest and simplest way to communicate within your country and with anyone abroad.

One must thank the telecommunication industry to gives us such a communication facility. Yet, one must find a way to avoid scammers who might call your number daily.

You will realize later that you are billed heavily by attending such scam calls. Here we have mentioned the top five area codes you should never answer to stop such scammers in the real world.

List of Area codes that you should avoid answering

1. Area Code 712: Western Iowa

Be aware of area code 712. It is the area code of Western Iowa. The calls from this area code are usually meant for scammers for traffic pumping.

It is not a technology but a smart work to bill such calls attended by a receiver, and if such missed calls are called back, you are billed a hefty amount.

You may get calls from area code 712 more than once. The scammers will make you attend the calls by making you feel this cal is important.

Thus, they will follow you until you attend the phone or call back that number. It happens over a while and not on the same day.

Here the scammer will get some commission by traffic pumping over a telephone network. Robots make most such calls. Thus, check the area code first before answering an unknown number.

Area code 712 comes under the top 1st among five area codes you should never answer.

2. Area Code: 268: Antigua and Barbuda

People must be aware of area code 268. It is a scam called coming under the One Ring Call Scam. Most often, such calls are unnoticed as this call cut off within a ring.

Such calls are made by robocalls or using robocall technology. It is automated calls, and such scammers make missed calls or one-ring calls to thousands of active phone numbers targeting a local area or the entire region.

Calling back such a scam phone number will lead to a bill. It will be something higher than the usual scheme you have. Thus, area code 268 comes under the top 2nd five area codes you should never answer.

Millions of people have reported this area code in the scammer’s list. You should read scam area code reviews if you have any doubts.

Such scam reviews are written by those people hurt in real-time by making missed calls with area code 268, which belongs to Antigua and Barbuda of the Caribbean. You will be billed in dollars, which is costly.   

3. Area Code 805: California

Area code 805 comes under the 3rd list of five area codes you should never answer. Thousands of call receivers mostly report the calls from this area code under the financial scams from this code in real-time.

You will get a fake call from banking service providers like retentions and loan offers and get you out of the bad credit listing. Thus, anyone answering their scam calls will lead to giving your credentials about your bank.

After a few weeks of attending such calls, you will soon see some amount withdrawn. These are real-time financial scams happening with people’s bank accounts.

Many people have reported unknown debits have happened from their bank account without their knowledge.

Yet, you have given the details of your account such that the hackers have used to withdraw money online from your bank account. Thus, avoid such scam calls, which they make to give professional help for your financial crises.

4. Area Code 915: Texas

The scammers using this area code usually give a One Ring Call. Such calls are mostly received by the Texas people residing near the Mexican borders.

The scammer has a tie-up with the telecommunication service providers. They bill from premium rates by their missed calls are called back by people.

They make robocalls daily to thousands of phone numbers in the same region. Thus, people think it is a local call and call back, such as missed calls or One Ring Calls.

Ultimately, you are the losers, as this is a billed call. Area code 915 comes under the top 4th list among five area codes you should never answer. People in Texas must be aware of these scammers giving you missed calls. Please check such one-ring calls are reported in the scammer’s list before making a callback.

5. Area Code: 626 California

People are CA must be careful of cam calls pertaining to IRS agents. Most of the time, people in CA answer such calls as they are receiving calls from IRS agents.

Your personal information, bank details and other information about you are vulnerable to online scams. Thus, only answer such calls if they speak very politely.

They use chatbots and robocalls. Many men come into sweet voice attraction as chatbots mimic woman’s voices. Later, you will find an unknown withdrawal of money via online transactions.

Area code 626 comes under the top 5th among five area codes you should never answerin the United States. People used to attend scam calls as the number has your local area code. It will help others if you report such numbers in scammers lists in online scams and forums and complaint about them with your telecom service provider.


Today, you have caller identification technology or software, which you can download and detect scam calls by the red colour background that appears on Smartphones.

Thus, thousands of people have reported it as a scammer. You will also find their story of how their information is used for withdrawing money online and many other online frauds over time.

Thus uses scam-blocking apps and avails the caller identity apps to avoid telephonic scammers. You can block such numbers before attending or calling back, as your caller ID apps have repotted them under the telephonic scammer’s list.

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