How Can I Permanently Delete Whatsapp Messages From Both Sides? (2023)

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You may have experienced this: after sending a message to a friend, client, or business colleague, you realized that “oh, this must not have been read by him,” and you wanted to remove the message right away. Yet, by the time you realized what you had written, the other person had already seen it, and you would have been thinking and regretting it all day.

We have provided you with some very fantastic, technical yet simple ways to permanently delete WhatsApp messages from both sides to help you avoid this terrible situation and to assist you in removing those unpleasant messages to be delivered.

Everyone wants to get rid of that concept as soon as possible. Hence, WhatsApp users no longer need to worry about it.

The well-known messaging software allows you to erase a message for both yourself and the recipient. There are a few exceptions, though, and it’s important to be aware of them in advance. You may learn all you need to know about deleting messages on WhatsApp from this article.

What does “Delete messages for everyone” mean

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You can remove particular messages you’ve sent to an individual or group chat by selecting “Delete messages for everyone.” This is especially helpful if you accidentally sent a message to the incorrect chat or if the message you sent had an error. You have the authority to delete inappropriate or troublesome chat messages as the group admin.

You deleted this message will replace any messages you’ve sent that are removed for everyone.

Method 1: Deleting the Messages 

Can you imagine intending to contact your friend to complain about your job, but instead mistakenly sending the message to your boss? That is a terrible situation, yet it has frequently occurred in the past.

There’s a chance you can correct that if you use WhatsApp. Here’s what to do when you send the message and learn it was delivered to the incorrect recipient:

  1. Right away go to the conversations and hold the message which you want to delete
  2. On the top of the screen a trash icon will be available, click on that icon
  3. Now, a pop-up screen appears, Select the “Delete For Everyone” option 
  4. Simply you will permanently delete WhatsApp messages  on both sides

All you have to do is that. The frustrating thing about this procedure is that some hints as to what happened to remain. The individual will see that a message was left and then removed.

To another person, it will appear like “ you deleted this message”.

Method 2: Permanently deleting the messages 

Verify that the latest version of WhatsApp is being used by the recipients.

Even if the message is erased from the WhatsApp chat, recipients who are using WhatsApp for iOS can still have the material you sent stored in their Pictures. If the deletion was unsuccessful, no notice will be sent to you. After sending a message, you only have roughly an hour to ask to Delete for Everyone.

Now, adhere to the instructions for deleting WhatsApp communications from both parties.

  • Go to the WhatsApp chat where the message you wish to remove is located.
  • Tap the message and hold it. To remove many messages at once, you can choose to pick more messages.
  • To delete everyone, choose Delete.

Time limitation on Whatsapp

Here’s something important to keep in mind. With WhatsApp, you have only seven minutes to remove the message. The “Delete for Everyone” function is therefore disabled. Although this can sound annoying, it makes a lot of sense.

You have to be very quick in deleting the message because after seven minutes you will not be able to delete the message as that option will not be available for longer and unable you to permanently delete WhatsApp  messages from both sides

Nowadays, people are constantly near their phones. Every time they receive a notification, they verify their integrity right away. In a matter of seconds, the recipient could view the message, at which point it won’t matter whether you deleted it or not. The harm has already been done. You still have an opportunity to correct this error, though, as long as the WhatsApp ticks don’t turn blue.

How to solve the issue when the time limit is over 

When the person you messaged hasn’t yet read it, the time restriction WhatsApp allows you to go back and delete the message or messages become very difficult to accept. Thankfully,  by changing the phone time settings the time limit has been increased from one minute to one hour, allowing you enough time to remove your messages for everyone.

Since that there is no longer a “Delete for Everyone” option, it is just a matter of time until people read it. You may still erase it for yourself, which can give you a little hope.

  • Remove the Internet connection from your phone (Wi-Fi & mobile data).
  • Change the date on your phone by going to the settings and selecting the day before the message was delivered.
  • Tap the delete button after selecting the message or messages. Choose “Delete for Everyone.”
  • Reset your phone’s settings to update the date.
  • Reconnect your smartphone to the web.

This trick is ought to be effective. The messages will now be removed from both your phone and the recipient’s phone, regardless of whether they were read or not. Certainly, this sounds like a little bit more work, but if you can eventually erase the messages, it will be worth it.

Glance At The End

Following this essay, you now have a comprehensive understanding and detailed information on how to permanently erase WhatsApp messages from both parties.

It may be said that the entire game depends on your level of attentiveness, time management, and activity when sending and deleting the required message.

Whatsapp is a helpful and popular global messaging service that works in accordance with your needs.

Following the above-mentioned tips and instructions will undoubtedly help you with the working and deleting of messages, which may help you improve message sending and foster excellent relationships with people by preventing unintended messages from being sent to the wrong person.


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