How To Dox Someone On Discord? [2023]

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Discord app is now the most used platform for doxing across the globe. It is evident from several dox reporting by teenagers, youngsters, and adults of both sexes in various parts of the world.

The question of how to dox someone on Discord is widely searched on the web. Yet, it is against the Discord app policy.

Still, scammers, cyberbullying, and malicious people over the web dose so for entertainment or sex revenge, personal attack, or spoiling images of others for some purposes.

What is Discord?

Discord will be a new term for those who are not into social media networking or have yet to try this multiple-usage VoIP and messaging app.

Discord has been active globally from 2015 to the present day. Discord functions on operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS, iPad OS, Android, and Web browsers.

Discord is developed using programming languages like Python, JavaScript, Elixir, C++, and Rust. It is available in the major 30 languages of this world.

This linguistic feature made users much more accessible than any other similar app. Discord is an app type that comes under VoIP communications, instant messaging, videoconferences, content delivery, and social media. For more details, visit its official website

The legality of doxing on Discord

People must check the legality of the Discord app before starting to dox on this platform. In some countries, Discord was banned because many cyberbullying happened and loss of life happened due to it.

Using a virtual private network or VPN is also punishable if Discord is banned in your country. Thus, checking Discord’s legality is the best to check before you are registered for free or by paid membership.

Doxing policy on Discord prohibits doxing related to revenge porn. If you would have read Discord’s terms, conditions, and privacy policy thoroughly, you would not try to dox others.

It is a bad practice, and Discord terminates such members if found complaints and legal action from the hurt parties. A thousand of doxer’s have been removed by Discords as they found it real.

8 Best Ways to Dox on Discord

1. Create a Fake ID

Discord ID can be created with an e-mail ID and your existing accounts on Steam, Reddit, Twitch, Twitter, Spotify, Xbox, PlayStation, and YouTube.

Thus, use a fake ID that does not reflect your past internet presence on various social media networking apps. It is one of the ways to dox and leaves that fake ID inactive after your doxing purpose has happened and the party is hurt.  

2. Use Proxy Servers

Doxers can make use of proxy servers with the help of a free or paid VPN. In this case, the user’s location is untraceable. This type of doxing is most happening on the Discord app.

Such users stroll on politics, influential people, and others. In this case, legal action can only be taken if your location is found. Users with a fake ID do this type of Doxing.   

3. Creating Multiple Discord IDs

It seems a Discord user has multiple IDs. They are used for good and bad purposes using such different names. It is one of the ways to dox others whom you wish to show dislike or take an act of online revenge.

Drawn pornography is common to see with such users.

4. Get Professional help from Hackers

If you do not know anything related to technology and how to use it, getting professional help is the best option.

They will find out the information you need by taking some credentials like user IDs, e-mail accounts, phone numbers, and all the digital imprints a person has on the internet.

Thus, you will get all information about the person who you are willing to do. Yet, you must spend some money on hackers to get such information within a few minutes.

They will get you the IP address, all social media accounts, private messages, videos, and anything you wish to know from the user account online.

5. Read Dox Guides

Today, you can find many dox guides online. Such guides suggest using various dox tools, which are available free to download and with a subscription.

It is the do-it-yourself or DIY dox method. You can try once and get started very soon if you find such information’s results are true and the best to dox later.

6. Phishing

Phishing is the easiest way to dox on others if they use an insecure E-mail ID. You can get all pieces of information about the person you wish to dox through phishing e-mails.

7. Get Professional help from Data Brokers

Data brokers are the cheapest way to get relevant data about a person whom you wish to dox. They are cheaper than professional hackers.

Thus, they serve online, where you can pay after the service is rendered or have to pay online to get such information.

8. Make use of Weak Cyber Security in Discord

Discord is not end-to-end decrypted. It is why it is very easy to dox from or the Discord app users. It is being encrypted with the users of this application.

Thus, it is very easy for hackers and people with technical know-how to dox from Discord. Thus, maliciously and cyberbullying is possible to do by a person without any technical knowledge.

It is why doxing is common to see with Discord. Thus, you need professional help from a hacker or technical know-how people to dox on the Discord app.

Today, many users are doxed due to the weak cyber security in the Discord app. This kind of cyber security lapse is advantageous for those who wish to dox other’s information and do unlawful activities later.


Discord is trying its best against doxing. Yet, all the real doxers details come across when someone is doxed, and the company has taken strict action due to a lawsuit or is willing to protect its users.

As far as technical known how people in doxing existing, others can find ways to how to dox someone on Discordwill happen.

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