How to Dox Someone on TikTok? [2023]

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TikTok, with over 1.53 billion active users, has become one of the most popular social media apps. Now, it has become easy to get viral and to share your thoughts through this application.

Almost every popular trend or any challenge, that exists starts from TikTok. But some users do not reveal their real name, address, etc. Here the term doxing or doxing takes birth.

And this term has confused many users about what it is and how to dox someone on TikTok

But do not worry, in this article we are going to discuss the definition and the methods of doxxing someone on social media platforms like TikTok. Read on. 

An intro to doxxing

The simple definition of doxxing is to reveal someone’s personal information without his consent. Or you can say virtual and deep research on a user on social media. In the 1990s culture of hacking, the term “doxxing” got very much popular and created curiosity in people. 

In actual manners, it was dropping docs. But by the time it becomes dox and then become a verb itself. It is the act of disclosing someone’s personal information without the victim’s consent.

Some doxxers make this information available through online platforms. The intention behind doxing can be to hurt someone or blackmail. But sometimes it is just to know someone.

Because there are persons who are 25, but they show as they are 50. Every doxxer’s intention is never satays to hurt someone. And I hope you are one of them.

Ways to dox someone on TikTok

There are many ways of doxxing. But here we are discussing the easier and the best ways:

1. Stalk the user on other social media platforms

This is the simplest way of doxxing someone on TikTok. The user you are going to dox surely has accounts on other social media platforms. Just follow them.

You can chase the user by keeping their profile picture and their username in mind. You can search for the username on other websites, in this way you can reveal their other accounts on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. May the user be revealing some other information on other accounts.

Most of the users on Instagram reveal their birthdates and things like their profession. To get to know their Instagram accounts and all, you will need to target their profile picture and their name.

Social media pages tell us very much. These pages usually contain information like their members, their email, and much more. 

2. Target their usernames

Usernames tell very much about a person. But sometimes it stays very tough to reveal someone’s information by username.

Then some websites come like and many more. With the help of these websites, you can find out other accounts and other information of one by typing in their username on these websites easily.

It is a good thing to start if you only have the usernames. By username, you can find out their real names by locating them on other websites.

3. Data brokers

Yes, it sounds strange but it is true. Some websites sell the information of a user. Some of the websites sell very sensitive information like phone numbers and their bank details. 

Because in our daily routine, we create a lot of accounts on different websites. Some of them have requirements like debit cards and much more.

All you need to do is pay a small amount to obtain enough information about your target. With this small amount of information, you can gather a large amount of info like their physical addresses and more.

4. User’s phone number

Once you have found the the user’s mobile number, you can now disclose much more about the user. And the reverse mobile phone lookup will help you in a big manner.

Now, what it is? This type of software provides confidential information about one by just typing their phone number. 

One of its examples is White pages which is very much popular. It is also my personal favorite. You just need to type one’s mobile number or telephone number into this program.

after that, you will find out who owns this number. And this is what we are searching for. You can also find out other information, but for this, you will need to pay on sites like White pages.

Is doxxing illegal

It is the most asked question. The answer depends on the doxxer. In actual means, it is not illegal to dox someone on TikTok, but if you misuse someone’s identity, then it is illegal.

Some of the doxxers blackmail the user which is a big crime. 

There are not any strict laws regarding doxxing someone. But the doxxer can be considered a criminal if he is harassing the user or hurting the user in any other way.

Yes, doxxing is not a crime itself but if the doxxer misuses someone’s info then he can even go to jail. 

Should you or Should not you

A considerable question. Should you doxx someone on TikTok or not? It all depends on the situation and on your doxxer’s intention and what he is going to do with that info. If you just want to doxx someone to know their name and other things just know themselves. If he or she is from your friend circle and you want to do a prank on that person. I mean if your intention is right according to the law, you can go ahead. 

But if your intention is to leak someone’s personal info and misuse that, you must not go for it. Because if you are doxxing someone to harm them, you are harming yourself by doing so. It is completely illegal. Beware of it. 

The final thought

We know TikTok for its new coming trends for a long time. It is a very user-friendly social media platform that allows users to be frank and share their thoughts and ideas.

And the term doxxing is to research someone deeply. As we discussed some of the doxxers misuse the information, so we should not do this. This can impact a victim’s life in a very big manner.

I hope you won’t. Anyways, in the entire article, we discussed the methods of revealing someone’s information through doxxing. Hope you find out what you were searching for. 

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