Litter Robot Troubleshooting: Reasons, Solutions & Preventions [2023]

Litter robot


you are a cat owner, you must well-known about litter robots. The litter robot is a self-cleaning litter box that allows you to never scoop your cat’s litter. It provides your cat with a clean bed of litter.

It has a lot of benefits like it does not smell, is automatic, is comfortable for your cat, and is very much helpful too. In short, it is a machine of wonders. It allows your multiple cats to do their business comfortably.

Long ago people had to scoop their cat’s litter. But now, the cat litter robot has made cat owners’ life simpler and easier. 

But like every appliance, it needs troubleshooting sometimes. If you are searching for what that rapid blue light, or yellow light means, you are at the right place. In this article, you will find out a useful guide on litter robot troubleshooting. Read on. 

What if your litter robot’s yellow light flashes rapidly?

The yellow light flashes rapidly, which means may your cat sensor has been activated to cut on the cycle, or maybe the bonnet got removed or disconnected.

Now, how to solve it. First, wait for at least 30 seconds if the cycle resumes correctly. If the cycle resumes it means that the cat got into the globe. But if not then it is nothing to do with the cat. The cat is not interrupting the cycle. 

The other reason can be an uncorrected or unfitted bonnet. Check the bonnet and set it correctly. Make sure the front tabs and the rear are in the right order and secured. 

If the no. of flash is 4 per second, which means very fast then turn it off and unplug it from the base. Then remove the waste drawer and check for the interruption.

If it is the case of dirt, then push the cover a few times and open it to check the metal parts. Then plug it in again and turn it on. After that press, the reset button only once and set the globe to the home position. 

Solution for litter robot cycling light flashing

If the litter robot cycling light is flashing, then it can be a cause of dirt or an unclean bonnet. It can be caused by something black texture on the contact points situated on the bonnet piece, which can be a reason for not making good contact, clean it properly.

You can clean it with a screw driver by scratching it, eventually, it will go away. You can also prefer a cloth, with a bit of hard fiber. It will improve cycling and will help you. 

If the light is flashing slowly, then it can cause an interruption in the caused by your cat in the clean cycle. There is nothing to worry about it. After 15 seconds, the cycle will start again automatically. If not then press the cycle button till the cycling resumes. 

Litter robot flashing blue light: indication and solution 

If your litter robot is flashing blue light, it is a straight indication that your waste drawer is full. You should empty the waste drawer properly and replace the liner by installing a new one.

After the waste drawer is cleared and replaced, press the reset button just once. Now start the cycle button to begin with a clean cycle. When your litter robot’s globe comes to the home position, there should have a blue light. Now it is perfect. 

But in some cases, the blue light continues blinking after the upper process. In this situation, you need to proceed to troubleshoot. If the same with you then continue reading. We are going to discuss it in the next point. 

How to manage a litter robot blinking blue light?

After emptying the waste drawer and replacing the liner, if the blue light is still blinking then it requires proper troubleshooting. Let us discuss that:

  • First, turn off your litter robot and unplug it from the base. 
  • Then, the bonnet and the globe should be removed carefully. It will help us in reaching comfortably to the components of your litter’s robot. When you will open the globe and remove the bonnet, a little dirt is normal there. You can clean it for smooth cycling if you want.
  • Now check if there is any other dirt stuck on the port opening. Check for the waste by opening the globe for any clumps if there are any. 
  • Now rearrange the litter robot and pug your unit back. It is normal if the robot does not cycle automatically, in this condition press the cycle button once. 
  • Additionally, you can press the reset button once, and it will stop cycling, now press the same button once again, and it will return your litter robot to the home position. 

Reasons for litter robot cat sensor fault

Cat sensor fault is another great issue that cat owners face sometimes in their litter robot. There can be different reasons for it, but the most common one is the too much weight of the globe in your unit. This means your cat sensors need to be adjusted. You should make sure that the level is accurate or below the given weight. 

The simple solution is to reduce the weight of litter. It will solve your problem easily. After reducing the weight of the litter, press the reset button for sure. Now your robot will work smoothly. 

If your litter robot got stuck mid cycle

Your litter robot was working very well but it got stuck in the middle of the cycle. Do not worry, it is an indication of much more excess weight than the ideal. But first press the button cycle for 5 seconds, if it does not work then proceed further. There can also be another reason for it. It can happen if the cat sensors got triggered in the middle of the cycle. 

While talking about the solution, is again a reduction of the weight of the litter put in the robot. Reduce the weight of litter and reset it again. And while talking about the triggered cat sensor, check if there is any hair or any clump, interrupting the cycle. 

There is another rare reason that if you have cleaned your unit recently. The stuck in the mid can be caused by some moisture put together with the litter.

Clean it properly and carefully too. And most importantly, do not put your litter robot on any wet surface. This can also be the reason. 

The litter robot stuck on the cycling light 

If your litter robot got stuck on the cycling light, it can be caused by your cat. Your cat interrupted the proper clean cycle if the flashing is very slow, I mean about one time per second.

It is caused because your cat tried to enter the litter robot while it was cycling. As we know when the clean cycle is in progress, no interruption should be done. 

When your cat interrupted the cycle by entering it, got detected by the cat sensors built into the unit. It is the reason why your robot’s cycling paused.

There is nothing serious in it, it will be resumed automatically after a few seconds, maybe 15 seconds. There is also a little chance of having excessively weighted litter or maybe dust. Also, make sure it is clean. 

What to do when your litter robot is flashing solid yellow light?

Your litter robot shows you solid yellow light when it gets paused during the cycle. The solution is very simple, just press the cycle button to continue cycling properly.

If your robot is showing solid yellow light along with the blue one. It indicates that it is in 8-hour sleep mode. To stop it press the cycle button until the yellow light stops showing off. Usually, when the 8-hour sleep cycle is over, it runs a clean cycle. When it will be clean and the globe will return to its home position, only blue light will flash then.

If the yellow light turns red after 2 minutes, it means the litter is overloaded. The red light is a sign of a continuously activating cat sensor. The reason is excess weight. Now remove some litter and press the reset once. 

4 Best tips to take care of your litter robot

As with every machine, it also needs good care. In this article, we discussed the reasons for some main troubleshooting. Now, let us discuss the prevention of such problems. 

1. Cleanliness of your litter robot

Most of the problems and troubles are caused by dirt and uncleanliness. To enhance the quality of cycling your unit, you should clean it properly.

Make sure there is not any piece of hair stuck into it anywhere or any dirt in it. Clean it properly and regularly. The ideal time is one month. It depends on the usage of your robot. To remove stains, you can simply use cleaning sprays and cleaning wipes. 

2. Empty the waste drawer when needed

You should empty the drawer when it is indicated. It always shows a solid blue light when needs to be emptied. You can check the level of waste in the drawer with help of infrared emitters and the sensors in your unit.

Normally, if your cat is of average size, then you should clean the waste drawer every week. Rest depends on the size and number of cats. 

If you have cat litter robot 3, then you can follow these instructions. First, you need to pull the drawer, then remove the hooked edges of the robot’s liner. Now dispose of it. To install a new waste drawer, push it into the four tabs while rolling its edges a few times. In this way, you can install the liner easily.

But if you have cat litter robot 4 then the process is a bit different. To dispose of the soiled liner, pull the waste drawer. Now, wrap the edges of the new waste drawer liner over the rim of the waste drawer.

At last, the remainder of the bag should be pushed into the bottom of the waste drawer. Your new liner is installed successfully. Always press the reset button after you have installed a new liner. 

3. Replace the carbon filter when needed

The carbon filter is a thing that makes your robot bad odor free. It helps your cat litter robot to smell fresh. It is also important to keep your waste drawer moisture free.

It absorbs all unpleasant odors and moisture and gives your robot a long life. Normally, changing the carbon filter every month is a recommendation. And the rest depends on you and the size and number of the cats. 

4. The quantity of the litter

There is always a raised filled line, which is an indicator of the right quantity of litter. You need to add litter whenever you empty your unit’s waste drawer.

Fill it as indicated or underfill it. Do not cross the raised fill line. It will affect the cycle. Your cat’s litter must be of high quality. And most importantly, never press the reset button, whenever you are adding litter to it. 

The final thought

As we talked about earlier, every machine needs troubleshooting sometimes. In these two thousand valuable words, we discussed the most important troubles every cat litter robot owner faces very much, their causes, and their solutions. Hopefully, you got the right advice regarding your issues. 

There is an old cliché that prevention is far much better than treatment, and it is true. As we saw that most of the issues are caused by uncleanliness and overloaded litter.

You can easily prevent those issues by following the right guidelines. To give your litter robot a long life, you should take care of its cleanliness and some other concerns like the quantity and quality of litter, etc, as I mentioned in this article. These will help you in preventing issues like getting stuck in mid-cycle and so on. 

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