What Are The Mako Robotic Knee Replacement Problems? [2023]



Knee replacement surgery will be necessary if it has to be done so for better mobility. Yet, the options for orthopedic surgeries are many.

It is wise to go for the latest in allopathic medicines and medical technology available in ortho or bone and joint-related disease, cause, cure, and prevention.

The robotic-assisted procedure or Robotic Surgical Assistant (ROSA) is a modern method for today’s orthopedic surgeons.

It is also known as the Mako Robotic-Arm Assisted Total Knee Replacement. Here, Mako is the trademark manufacturer of ROSA medical devices.

It is famous for Mako systems, Mako procedures, and Mako surgery in orthopedic treatments. In this bone and joint health article, we have explained briefly robotic knee replacement surgery problems, benefits or advantages, and disadvantages. Ortho patients are advised to view Mako robotic knee replacement videos to know the advanced procedures.

Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement

1. Time

The robotic surgical procedure time is much faster than the traditional and conventional ways of partial or total knee replacement surgery. Overall, a patient with Mako robotic knee replacementsurgery can be discharged on the same day of ROSA surgery. Either, the operation and recovery time is quick. This surgical procedure is good for aged patients and anyone with long-term osteoporosis and orthopedic health issues.  

2. Recovery

After Mako robotic knee replacement, the problems with robotic knee surgery are comparatively less than the conventional ways of knee surgeries done by orthopedic surgeons. A knee replacement or an advanced arthritis patient will be recovered within 4 to 6 weeks of the ROAS procedure. This recovery time is far better than the conventional ways to treat orthopedic disorders.

3. Busy People

Busy professionals and others who need to recover soon from ortho diseases are suitable candidates for Mako robotic knee replacement. They can live a normal life or return to work independently after recovery in a month. Meanwhile, tech professionals can work from home or online while on physiotherapy.

4. Ortho Disorder Prevention

Mako total knee replacement problems are minor; it is why it is the best modern-day’s preferred surgical procedure for knee replacement. It further reduces after-surgery infections, wounds, pain, and any bone disease, which can be a part of your previous ortho aliments.  

Disadvantages of Robotic Knee Replacement Cost

Mako robotic knee replacement cost is not affordable compared to conventional knee replacement surgery methods. It is also not the best treatment to take by a patient who does not have any medical or health insurance coverage to reimburse for Mako robotic knee replacement surgery.  

Lac of Modern Orthopedic Hospitals

Ortho patients willing to seek the latest procedures will first try to find the best Mako robotic knee replacement near me. They will do this work after researching Mako knee replacements vs. traditional ones.

The Mako robotic knee replacement surgeries are performed in modern bone and joint hospitals or advanced and specialty care ortho clinics.

Such facilities are in major cities of this world. Thus, ortho patients must travel to those modern health care or specialty hospitals to do robotic partial or total knee replacement surgeries. 

Ortho Surgeons Experience

Patients must know the surgeon’s experience and feedback from the patients or of that hospital before undergoing robotic arm knee replacement surgery.

A surgeon with less expertise can cause many problems with robotic knee surgery. It can be bone damage by pinholes, fracturing due to lack of accuracy in handling robotic arms, and overall poor work experience on Mako surgical devices.

Lac of Advanced Orthopedic Medical Devices

Mako is the trademark of Mako Medical Devices. Thus, it is available in specialty and modern hospitals only. A few healthcare providers use Mako for namesake and do knee replacement surgeries with other ROSA, which is not at par with Mako surgical devices.

Such patients will report Mako’s total knee replacement problems with bad reviews on the health care provider they went to and the surgeon’s names too. 

Poor ROSA Tests

One of the biggest problems with robotic knee surgery is with technical data. An ortho surgeon is totally dependent on 3D images to do precise knee replacement operations.

An ortho specialty hospital may use Mako medical devices, not modern scan devices. In such a case, the data input that a surgeon enters on the Mako device might come with precision, as 3D scans might not be accurate.

Patients are advised to read knee patients surgery reviews from online health forms for better surgery from a trusted surgeon and hospital. Such reviews are also in consumer forums.


The time taken for advanced arthritis or total knee replacement by robotic surgery will be longer than conventional. The Mako total knee replacement problems on time taken will be on the patient’s present health condition.

It will take a longer time if some patient has any other bone diseases, is diabetic, and has any neuro health issues. Thus, the operation cost will also double, which is a disadvantage for the patients.

Sometimes, the recovery time will also take longer than the estimated time of recovery. The time taken for any accidental injuries is much as a surgeon has to study the scan images thoroughly before inputting the data of the Mako device for operation. The complicated cases can damage bone tissues, and side effects can be seen while in recovery.


Mako robotic knee replacement reviews are the best to read if you wish to undergo the latest in knee replacement surgery and faster recovery.

A patient who underwent his procedure is feeling less pain while in recovery and on physiotherapy. Problems with robotic knee surgeries are comparatively lesser than conventional knee replacement surgery.

It is why many ortho patients trust Mako robotic knee replacement surgery from authorized hospitals and specialty bone and joint clinics across the globe.

After robotic knee replacement surgery, patients get long-term benefits, as they will not find any orthopedic and osteoporosis health issues later.

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