Jimmy Kammel, Wanda Sykes, and Regina Hall hosted the grand event for the first time after 2018

Jimmy Kammel Hosting Oscar 2023

Photo Credit: The Newyork Times

Photo Credit: USA Today

The whole event gloomed up with best some best original song nominees and stole the evening

Performances on The Best Original Songs  

Photo Credit: The Philadelphia Inquirer

The last year’s Oscars event became hot when Will Smith slapped Chris Rock for being taunting.

Will Smith slapped Chris Rock

Photo Credit: The Guardian

The CEO of Motion Picture Art and Sciences revealed that a ‘ crisis team’ has been implemented to handle the situations

'Crisis Team' Revealed

Photo Credit: Outlook India

The most influential and impactful short films and movies were nominated this time at the Oscars

Short Films & Movies Nominated

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The most memorable moment of the event was “Everything Everywhere all At once” which won the Oscars with best actors.

'Everything Everywhere all At once' won Oscar

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