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What is Assistive Technology (AT) ?

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Assistive technologies (AT) are tools and devices that are specifically designed to help individuals with disabilities.

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Assistive technology can be used in the home, school, workplace, or in any other environment

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Mobility Aids

Mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, and canes can help individuals with mobility impairments.

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Communication Aids

Communication aids such as speech-generating assistive devices, text-to-speech software, and communication boards

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Vision Aids

magnifiers, closed-circuit televisions, and screen readers can help individuals with visual impairments to see more clearly.

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Photo Credit : singapore association of visually handicapped

Hearing Aids

cochlear implants, and captioning systems can help individuals with hearing impairments to hear more clearly.

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Cognitive Aids

memory aids, cognitive prosthetics, and brain-computer interfaces can help individuals with cognitive impairments to think more clearly.

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