Google launches new home app options for beta users

Photo Credit: Google Home

Google has made an addition in its home app with the reorder devices option

Reorder Devices option Added

Photo Credit: Google Home

Photo Credit: Google Home

Beta users will be able to access this useful option from the bottom of the home favorites tab

Access Option From Bottom of App

Tech giants at google have renamed the ‘add’ menu to ‘edit’

Photo Credit: Google Home

"Add" renamed as "Edit""

Tech giants are planning to launch full TV control on its google home app, including various channels

Full TV Control

Photo Credit: Google Play

The google has to end up its support with chrome cleanup in its recent update chrome 111

Photo Credit: Gearrice

Supports Chrome Cleanup

In Xbox, Google has also added a remote control feature to make it more effective

Photo Credit: Xbox

Added Remote Control Features

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