Google Magic Eraser in the Market

Photo Credit: Times News

The google magic eraser removes the unwanted elements from any picture.

Removes the Unwanted Elements

Photo Credit: Google

Earlier this feature was not accessible to google pixels but now it can be used by any smartphone

Feature Accessible to all Devices

Photo Credit: The Verge

This feature got very popular after being released in 2021 and became users' favorite photography feature

Became the Most Popular Photography Feature

Photo Credit: TechiBee Youtube channel

If automatic recognition doesn't work, users can manually select and remove the undesired pictures

Manually Select & Remove Elements

Photo Credit: Mashable

Photo Credit: ZDNET

This tool helps to give the users a smooth scene within the picture

Facilitates Smooth Scenes

Users can easily create integrated and loving images as per their choice

Elegant Creation

Photo Credit: 91Mobiles

Any user can easily use this tool through google photos and edit them accordingly

Use Tool Through Google Photos

Photo Credit: Indiatimes

Meanwhile, google will provide a free trial for this tool in the month of March

Free Trial in March 

Photo Credit: 9to5Google

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