Lady Gaga was not ready to face the stage but she thrilled everyone with her glamorous look

Thrilled all with Glamorous look

Photo Credit: The New York Times

At red carpet Gaga was looking stunning with bold and heavy makeup with bold red lipstick.

Red Carpet Look of Lady Gaga

Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

 In making the song ready Lady Gag wore a simple black T-shirt and Rugged jeans, look was pure natural

Lady Gaga's Natural Look

Photo Credit: The New York Times

She said that this is her own personal and also she added that you can be your own hero when you are broken

"You Can be your own Hero", said Lady Gaga

Photo Credit: Yahoo News

She used to wear clothes not according to the occasion but according to her own standards.

She Wears According to her Standards

Photo Credit: InStyle

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Photo Credit: Elle