An asian woman Michelle Yeoh has won the leading best actress award

First Ever Asian Woman Won Oscar

Photo Credit: Vogue

Yeoh’s Role Michelle Yeoh played the role of the Chinese first immigrant owner of a laundromat in the movie ‘Everything Everywhere.

Won Oscar for Role in "Everything Everywhere"

Photo Credit: The Variety

Whole event audience felt grateful for her and gave long standing ovation.

Event Audience Felt Grateful

Photo Credit: Vogue

Michelle in her winning speech gratefully accepted the award and gave an encouraging speech.

Gave an Encouraging Speech

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Everything Everywhere movie stole the heart of the whole event by winning the Oscars for best movie.

Movie Stole the Heart

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

Evening Star Michelle really acted as the evening star at the event and sparkled the hall with her appearance.

Evening Star Michelle

Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

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