The Employees’ Layoffs  from Reputable Companies 2023

Post Pandemic Effects

Economic effects after covid-19 have urged the most popular companies to remove their employees

Photo Credit: Jagran Josh

Sizable Employee Fired

Untill now, 482 tech companies have fired their 1,28,202 workers

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Startup Ecosystem

India has acted as the frontline in startup ecosystems despite threatening  global economic conditions.

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Amazon Layoff

Around 1 percent of the Indian workforce has been affected and 18,000 employees have been removed.

Photo Credit: Mint

Google Layoff

About 450 employees have been issued pink slips by google and 12000 jobs will be dissolved

Photo Credit: Napa valley register

Twitter Layoff

In 2023, Twitter closed two out of three Indian offices and told the workers to perform their job from home

Photo Credit: Marketwatch

Byju's Layoff

The ed-tech sector is badly hit as it has removed 1500 employees from various sections

Photo Credit: Linkedin


Extremely hit by the economic conditions, the short video-making platform has fired its 20 percent of employees

Photo Credit: cyberTeczJobs

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