What is a Common Method Used in Social Engineering? (2023)

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“What is a common method used in social engineering cyber awareness challenge 2023” is what is most searched over the web.

These are happening due to individuals, celebrities, corporate, rich, and famous people under the attack of social engineering.

You will be one of the people under the attack of social engineering threats. It can be a minor or major attack, like making you personal or financial losses.

Most of the minor attacks are ignored. Yet, a complaint against cyber crime arises when someone is hurt severely due to any of the Social engineering Techniques.

I have explained social engineering, its types, and common methods or techniques used online.

What is social engineering?

Social engineering is a cyber attack, which can be internal or external to you, to drain your information to defame you or take some advantage without your knowledge of you.

Such cyber-attacks are called social engineering techniques or methods used by hackers. Today, cyber security is at threat as attackers are using advanced social engineering methods as we update cyber security. 

Social Engineering Methods

  1. Authority
  2. Baiting
  3. Baiting
  4. Confidence Tricksters
  5. Consensus/Social Proof
  6. Diversion Theft
  7. Familiarity/Liking
  8. Honey Trap
  9. Impersonation
  10. Intimidation
  11. Phishing
  12. Pretexting
  13. Quid pro quo
  14. Scarcity
  15. Scareware
  16. Smishing
  17. SMS Phishing
  18. Spear Phishing
  19. Tailgating/Piggybacking
  20. Urgency
  21. Vishing
  22. Watering Hole
  23. Whaling

The lifecycle or stages of social engineering are common when using one method or multiple options available in social engineering techniques.

It will be from gathering the target party’s information over a network, engaging with the victim without making him feel not a threat, attacking with appropriate social engineering methods or using more than one social engineering technique, and finally closing the interaction such that the attacker will not suspect you.

Here are a few common methods used in social engineering:

1. Phishing

Phishing is a common method everyone would have come across. If you were using the latest cyber security, you would get warning signs of such phishing methods or techniques.

It is a fraudulent way to get our information via phishers’ legit phone calls, e-mails, links, and any other online activities you are using daily.

2. E-mail Phishing

Phishers send e-mail requests from the legit business end or imitate as legit and gather information from you as an update from the customer end.

They will send an e-mail and gather your personal details. Such e-mail will imitate the actual business website or have a similar name.

It is advisable to verify such an e-mail address before replaying. If you have the best in cyber security, such e-mails will be highlighted as scam e-mails.

E-mail phishing is one of the common method hackers uses every day to track other, get password credentials to access, or hack your bank account.

Thus, never reveal your personal credentials like address, bank details, credit card numbers, customer IDs, PINs, and alternative phone numbers.

3. SMS Phishing 

We often get SMS related to online purchases and offers as esteemed customers. It is advisable to check such SMS are sent from a company end with who you are a customer.

They send in that company name SMS such that you trust and provide what information is asked on the SMS.

Replying to them is a threat to you as they are illegally gathering your information to do loss, illegal activities, and cheat you online.

You must report such SMS numbers if found fake or resembling or representing a business name they are not associated with.

4. Phone Phishing

Hackers who directly call in the name of your bank or credit card apply their method. You will often feel like you are answering a chatbot and take it as lost as it is from your bank’s end or customer service team.

You might provide your password over the phone when they ask to enter the secret pin. They will impersonate cyber security measures to keep safe of your credentials.

Instead, they get all the information about your bank, credit cards, and other financial dealings you have. Thus, check the phone number before answering.

If that number is reported as a phone scam, you must block it or answer them. You must also inform your bank that such phishing phone calls are coming from this number in the name of customer care calls to customers from the bank’s end.          

5. Spear Phishing

Hackers under the OSINT or open-source intelligence technique use this method.

In simple words, it is a customized e-mail sent to target customers after hackers research and finds them useful the best to get many details by spear phishing and take advantage of such information to indulge n online frauds, selling data, and making you social, personal and an image loss in the future.

Frequent social media users are under spear phishing attacks. Thus, be careful of bulk e-mails arriving in your inbox or directly sitting in the scam.

Never open if your e-mail service provider lists an e-mail under scam. Such e-mails address will be found on legit sites, as you are their customer.

The hackers get most of their data or information needs by spear phishing. Either, hackers are targeted the most by social media users under the spear phishing method.

Now, take precautions and be later on getting such phishing online. It will help if you install the latest in cyber security in your system and other internet-enabled devices to keep away from hackers.


Cyber security is for most things you must update as the hackers are in advanced mode and use new methods as cyber security strengths increase.

Yet, today we live in a web-enabled world, and our lifestyle has changed to get services and information from the ITeS or information technology-enabled services.

Hackers will use one or more than one social engineering method as mentioned above types of Social engineering Techniques. Thus, you are prone to social engineering threats online and offline. You must learn to protect yourself online in order to avoid security breaches things

The hackers will try to get their desired information from you by making an impersonation as a legit or trustworthy person.

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